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Food Handler/Server Card Nationwide -

Food Handler/Serv Safe Training is a perfect solution for anyone serving food including servers, managers and wait staff in a restaurant, bar, hotel, street vendors, etc.   You will learn to recognize and understand server safety issues, regulations, and the techniques to enable you to maintain a safe environment. The course will also help you understand how handling food correctly is not only the law, but it improves safety and lowers costs.


The purpose of the Learn2serve ANSI accredited ASTM E2659-09 is to provide you with the necessary knowledge & training to enable you to pass the accredited exam and earn your ANSI food handler card. The course is 2 hours, 100% online, and self-paced. Certification is valid for a three-year period and the course can be taken anytime, anywhere the Internet is available 24/7/365. Lost or missing certificates can be replaceg by simply contacting us and we will email a copy to you at no additional charge. Live customer service is also available 24X7 on 800-442-1149.  


Millions of people are affected by foodborne illnesses every year. It's your job to serv safe and we're here to help you develop the skills and knowledge to prevent illnesses associated with improper food handing or serving procedures.

  • Texas Learn2serve (ANSI) Food Handler $12.50 
  • Food Handler (All States) $20

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