DC Alcohol Server Training
DC Alcohol Server Training
Phone: 877.881.2235 Email: clientsupport@360training.com
  Phone: 877.881.2235  Email: clientsupport@360training.com

Washington DC Alcohol Awareness Training!

DC residents can take advantage of our officially approved online course to receive certification as an Alcohol Seller/Server.


Washington DC  Alcohol Awareness Training - Course Descriptions


DC On Premise is the sale of alcohol for immediate consumption. This is also known as the away-from-home market. Typically, on-premise locations include bars, restaurants, hotels, catering, etc. Removing alcohol from on-premise establishments is illegal.


DC Off Premise is the sale of alcohol for the at-home market. Alcohol is sold in sealed containers and intended for consumption off the premises. Typically, off-premise locations include convenience stores. grocery markets drive-thru beverage barns, or anywhere alcohol is sold in packages. Consuming alcohol on the premises of packaged goods establishments is illegal.


In most states the seller/server and the establishment can be held responsible for the sale of alcohol to;

  • A minor
  • An intoxicated person
  • A known drunk or insane person

The state approved alcohol seller/server courses on this website will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a responsible alcohol server/seller. The course is approved by the Washington DC Alcohol Commission and your certificate is proof that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements necessary to be a responsible seller/server of alcoholic beverages.

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