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Arizona Title 4 Basic & Manager On/Off Premise Alcohol Certificaiton Courses 


Arizona Title 4 Basic On-Premise Online Alcohol Training & Certification Exam

This course will certify you for the Arizona On-Premise Title 4 Basic Training. It provides you with the necessary education, and techniques you need to be a responsible server/seller of alcoholic beverages. You will learn how to protect your patrons, yourself, and your establishment from liability;

  • Recognize the effects of alcohol on your patrons
  • Prevent your customers from becoming intoxicated
  • Know when to intervene and how to refuse a sale
  • Accurately check IDs and recognize minors
  • Prevent second-party sales

Arizona Title 4 Manager On-Premise Alcohol Training & Certification Exam

The Arizona management for on-sale liquor licenses certification exam includes the following topics:

• Introduction and overview of the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, and law enforcement

• Licensed premises, liquor licenses and management requirements

• General business practices

• Disorderly conduct, acts of violence and intoxicated patrons

• Minors

• Dram Shop liability

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