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Alabama Responsible Vendor (RV) Alcohol Training

Responsible Vendor (RVP) Alcohol Certification 


The Alabama ABC established the Responsible Vendor Program (RVP) in 1990. The program requires employees involved in the management or sale of alcohol to take an approved training course offered on this website.. 


On-Premise - the sale of alcohol for immediate consumption. This is also known as the away-from-home market. Typically, on-premise locations include bars, restaurants, hotels, catering, etc. Removing alcohol from on-premise establishments is illegal.


Off-Premise - the sale of alcohol to the at-home market. Alcohol is sold in sealed containers and intended for consumption off the premises. Typically, off-premise locations include convenience stores. grocery markets drive-thru beverage barns, or anywhere alcohol is sold in packages. Consuming alcohol on the premises of packaged goods establishments is illegal.

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